Reasons and Benefits of Enlisting the Services of a Recruitment Agency

2 November 2015
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Recruitment agencies work as a liaison between employers and prospective job applicants with the aim of matching the different potential employee skill sets with the requirements of a business organization that is currently hiring. In a lot of situations, you will find that a business will outsource a recruitment agency to act as their human resource department. Once the employment agency finds a suitable candidate for the business' needs and that individual is placed as part of their work force, the agency will receive a commission. Here are some of the reasons and benefits of opting for these services.

Reasons to enlist the services of a recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies do not simply select the first candidate they come across to match to your business' requirements. They need to have fostered a good relationship with both the organizations that seek their services as well as the individuals that are seeking employment. To be able to achieve this, the employment agency has to interact with both parties so that it can have a clear perception of what each party is expecting.

Secondly, the recruitment agency will conduct interviews as well as background checks so as to find the most suitable candidate for the positions that are opened to be filled. This way, they can know which candidates would be best suited for the different jobs that are available at the different businesses that have enlisted the agencies services.

Benefits of enlisting the services of a recruitment agency

The recruitment agency is more experienced at sourcing staff: A newly founded human resource department in your business may not have as much expertise as an employment agency that has been in business for a significant amount of time. The agency will be qualified to vet prospective employees and figure out which ones have credentials that match your business needs. In addition to this, they will have a database of many individuals that are looking for work. Thus, their chances would be higher of finding you a suitable candidate.

Hiring a recruitment agency is more cost effective: If you have a human resource department in place, you would have to pay the people there for holding that job. This will increase your business' costs. If you outsource these services, you only pay a commission for each employee that you hire from the agency. This also saves you the time and money that you would spend in training candidates for the job at hand.