All You Need To Know About a Defacto Partner Visa

16 November 2015
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If you have an Australian partner and want to unite with them in their native country, all you require is a defacto partner visa. Many people consider getting a partner visa to be a highly complicated affair but, with all the requirements, it is easy for you to get one. This paper will provide you with an in-depth knowledge of the definition of a defacto visa, what is required and what to expect.

What is a Defacto Partner Visa?

A defacto partner visa affords individuals the right to reside in Australia with their Australian boy/girl friend. When applying for a Defacto partner visa, you are getting both a permanent and temporary partner visa. However, the visa numbers you apply for will depend on whether you are applying from outside or inside of Australia.

For example, when you are applying from inside Australia, you will be getting the subclass 801 and sub class 820. These two types of visas (sub class 801 and sub class 820) are meant for applicants who are already in Australia on a valid visa. Sub class 820 allows you to remain in Australia temporarily, whereas sub class 801 permits you to remain in Australia permanently. When you are applying from outside Australia, you will be getting the subclass 300 and subclass 309. These types of visas are used by applicants who are living outside Australia. When subclass 309 visa is approved, the applicant can travel with their spouse to Australia and live temporarily. When sub class 300 visa is approved, the applicant can live in Australia permanently.

What are the Requirements for a Defacto Partner Visa?

The main requirement for applying as a defacto partner is the one year relationship rule. This means that you should be in a defacto relationship for the last 12 months before applying for a visa. A defacto relationship means a real relationship with joint bank accounts, joint living situation, joint purchases and the ability to support one another emotionally and financially. You also need to show proof of these elements when filing an application.

What Happens When You Apply?

After applying and paying for your application, you will be given a bridging visa if you are residing in Australia. This visa enables you to stay in the country awaiting your application to be approved. The bridging visa has the same working rights as the visa you are applying for. There are different kinds of bridging visas but the popular one is the one that restricts the applicant from leaving the country until their application has been approved.

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